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Daily rent of apartments in Kiev

Apartments for rent - a new phenomenon in the real estate market, which has been observed since the beginning of the 21st century. At first everything was limited to a proposal for rent apartments for rent from private individuals. As a rule, these are pensioners and other people, who have one of two apartments, received in the inheritance or gift Meads apartment, in which they do not live and want to make a little money at the expense of renting them to. Such people have not disappeared and today, but along with them there were great real estate Agency, in which the assortment of hundreds of apartments for rent. On their background the grandmother and the grandfather, who sell their apartments in хрущевках with «Soviet» repair lost, and apartments for rent becomes the official line of business and is quite successful. 

Has not bypassed the business and the Ukraine, particularly in Kiev. In the capital there are a number of real estate agencies, offering daily rent of apartments. I wonder who designed «apartment» service? And clearly we cannot answer. 

Kiev is a beautiful city with a rich historical past, which you can see in the surviving buildings in the exhibits stored in the numerous Kiev museums. Not surprisingly, in the capital of Ukraine attracts local and foreign tourists, who travel, either alone and families. Apart from them, the town is visited by representatives of small and medium business, employees who come on a business trip. Another category of tenants, residents of Kyiv who want to rent an apartment to conduct some or other event. It can be New year celebrations, romantic date and much more.

Why tourists and businessmen do this?

Apartments for rent is cheaper than a good room in a hotel. This is the main reason why people stay in rented apartments. In addition, in such apartments have more amenities than the hotel. For example, a tourist or a businessman can rent an apartment with kitchen, that would allow it to cook food. Another advantage of the stop in these apartments for a short term - a big confidentiality, than that which is offered by hotels. It should be noted and spaciousness of the rented apartments, and also the availability of beds. If the hotel you have to pay for each person, then here is paid for the lease of the apartment as a whole, as it can be, for example, four sleeping places. Of course, the price of such apartments is a little higher, but if you make financial calculations, the cost of one sleeping place comes out cheaper, than in hotels. Another advantage of the rented apartment is a high degree of comfort. People in the flats feel, as at home, that allows them to a foreign country to get a home cosiness. Psychologically it is very relaxing and calming.

Why apartments for rent - profitable business?

Here everything is very simple. Real estate Agency is not in vain rent apartments for rent. In fact, the monthly rental costs less than daily. Further, the trouble with the tenants in the long term more, so as to live in an apartment and use the apartment only as a place of rest for a few days - different things. And, of course, the real estate Agency can raise prices, bringing them under the European, as in Kyiv comes a lot of foreigners from Europe. They have high solvency, although individual agencies too overestimate the price. They even secured by foreign tourists do not understand. 

Despite the rapid development of the market of the real estate, apartments for rent only gaining momentum. Most likely, the prices for rented flats will be increased, and the quality b & b, apartments improve, that's good.